A COVID Cautionary Tale: My Coronavirus Hell

A COVID Cautionary Tale: My Coronavirus Hell

You Do Not Want COVID

Prior to Coronavirus in January 2020, I cannot remember my last fever. I am young. I have no pre-existing health issues. You may be “low risk” too, but if you think COVID cannot affect you, think again. I have been in COVID Hell for twelve months.

You may be taking more COVID risks than you think.

Razorhorse already posted Coronavirus perspectives from the US, Brazil, Macedonia, Philippines, Ukraine, India, Italy). Luckily, I am the only team member who has gotten a bad case of the virus. I want to tell my story because too many people are ignoring the risk.

Masks in the Metro

My journey began in January 2020. I was skiing in the German Alps. I had no idea the COVID virus even existed, so I was surprised to see people wearing masks in the metro station. My friend from Munich explained matter-of-factly, “there is some kind of virus from China. We had our first case in Munich today.” I just assumed the Germans were overreacting. It seemed like fake news, so I did not take it seriously.

My Coronavirus Hell, Part 1

Two weeks after I returned to Macedonia, I had a headache, a 40 degrees Celsius fever (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and could not smell nor taste. Three days later, I was so weak my mother and father had to carry me to the hospital.

The Macedonian doctors did not even consider the possibility of COVID (the first reported case came later). They just gave me infusion therapy since I had not eaten in three days. They sent me home with prescriptions for Vibramycin (antibiotic) and Paracetamol (painkiller).

After 10 days, my fever was gone but the cough lingered for two months. It was so bad I sounded like I was on my deathbed. My mom got COVID too. My case was worse. She did not even get much of a fever.

COVID Strikes Again – No More Antibodies

Once I was healthy, I assumed I had antibodies. I wasn’t worried about getting COVID again. On September 25th, I had drinks with a friend. We were outside and wore masks until our drinks came. Still, he tested positive three days later. He gave my information to the Institute of Health for contract tracing. I thought I was fine. Still, I still had to start another 14 day quarantine.

Four days after drinks, I still felt fine. Then, at 8pm I got a headache. I never get headaches and this one was bad. I went to sleep early. By morning, I was burning up. I had a 40 degrees Celsius fever again.

I called my doctor. He told me to take two packs of Sumamed (antibiotic), sit tight, and call him if my symptoms got worse. On day five, I lost consciousness on my way to the bathroom. My fever was so high I did not recognize my own home!

The fever did not start decreasing until day seven. Even then, my chest still hurt and I had no sense of smell nor taste. Two entire months passed before my chest pain faded and my sense of smell and taste returned. This still was not the end of my COVID journey though. By this time, my father had COVID too.

COVID antibiotics elevated my liver enzymes.

My Third (and Hopefully Final) COVID Quarantine 

On December 18th (St. Nicholas day), my headaches returned during family dinner. By morning, I was feverish. This time it was “only” 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). My sense of taste and smell was also gone again. I quarantined for the third time. I had to stay in for New Year’s Eve.

COVID After-Effects

On January 4th, I went to a private clinic in Macedonia’s capital. My blood work showed signs of liver damage from so many antibiotics! My sense of taste and smell still have not returned but I feel lucky that my family is all healthy and breathing. Now we are seeing new variants. We do not know how long antibodies last. It is also unclear when we will get the vaccine. I pray I do not get infected again. I will be very careful. I hope you will too.