We are buyers working with other buyers

Razorhorse has been focused solely on software since 2012. Our process is optimized to accelerate well-informed decisions between high-quality software companies and world-class investors and acquirers. We reach out when one or more of our partners indicate interest in your segment, or your company specifically. We aren’t spamming you. Our partners pay us, you never do. We work with a network of complementary investors and acquirers in software.

We work as an extension of our partners’ teams to accelerate visibility and access to qualified deal flow. We help our partners maintain a consistent, high quality, long term pipeline of potential deals, allowing them to focus their time on closing attractive deals,and running their businesses. Typical time to an indicative valuation or other meaningful deal milestone is as little as two weeks. We’ve closed 50 transactions because we know what we’re doing and don’t waste your time.

  • We reach out to CEOs and owners of businesses when one of our partners expresses an interest in making an acquisition or investment in your segment, or your company specifically.
  • We know something about your segment.
  • We have reason to believe your company could fit the financial profile we are targeting.
  • Our partners pay us for origination services.
  • Sellers never pay us.
  • Intermediaries do not pay us.
  • We do not sell subscriptions to data.
  • We only share your information with qualified buyers who have genuine interest.
  • We only share enough information to qualify interest. Once we do, we make an introduction.
  • We don’t sell or publish your data.
  • We destroy your data if you ask us to.