Origination as a Science

We are a technology-enabled business service, working as an extension of our partners’ teams to maintain a consistent, high quality, long term pipeline of potential deals. We work on a daily basis with decision makers, and enable them to focus their time on due diligence, and winning attractive deals. 

We have invested millions of dollars building our database and processes, combining our proprietary data with market leading third party data. Our scale and network effects provide our partners unparalleled access to deal flow, and we limit the size of the network to minimize potential conflicts.

  • When we look for a deal one partner, we often find deals that fit better for other partners. 
  • Our partners have benefited from network effects regularly, while conflicts are exceedingly rare. 
  • Our partner’s mandates don’t overlap much. They overlap some, which enables strong network effects.
  • When conflicts occur, we disclose them and work through them with our partners in good faith.
  • Our partners (buyers and investors) pay us for outsourced origination services. 
  • The seller never pays us. 
  • We don’t arrange financings. 
  • We don’t sell securities. 
  • We don’t advise our partners. They are world class buyers, and do their own due diligence.
  • Contact us to discuss. 
  • We check with our partners for conflicts before adding new buyers to the network. 
  • We partner with well-funded acquirers and investors with track records of high certainty to close. 
  • We put balls on the green for world class putters.