Razorhorse ACCEL

Our proprietary ACCEL playbook is based on our work with dozens of software companies. In our experience, value creation is based on the right balance between Organic Growth, Acquisitions, and Operational Excellence. For companies in large, high growth markets, organic growth is the priority, as long as the underlying economics of the business are well understood and the growth is profitable. When profitable growth slows, operational efficiency becomes paramount.


A proprietary acquisition target database paired with disciplined origination, due diligence, and pre- and post-acquisition integration processes


Post-acquisition identification of key drivers and team alignment to define and launch execution of targeted value creation initiatives


Long term operating frameworks, including the structures, metrics,priorities, and insights required to create sustainable value


Intentional efforts to maintain relationships with potential buyers and understanding the framework by which they evaluate potential acquisitions


Continual push to create additional, repeatable value creation strategies based on experimentation and empirical evidence