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We have sourced 85 software acquisitions and investments for our partners.


Land and Expand Tuck-In

Company: Australian founder owned HR compliance tech-enabled business

Investor: UK-based HRTech PE Platform

Enterprise Value: $65M

Revenue Multiple: 3x

Deal Summary: Our client identified Australia as a strategic geography for expansion. Needed a sizable sub-platform with back-able team in region to buy up and integrate other assets. No banker, company not for sale.

North America

Growth Equity Investment

Company: Hyper-growth VC-backed MarTech business

Investor: Growth Equity firm

Enterprise Value: $150M

Revenue Multiple: 10x

Deal Summary: CEO was not looking for an investment, his syndicate was leaning in and ready to finance the next round if and when needed. RZ shared our client’s value add, and introduced the CEO to our client. Our client invested 30 days later.


Two Tuck-Ins

Company: Two founder owned companies in UK and Australia each with half the IP for a marketing solution to law firms

Investor: US-based LegalTech PE Platform

Enterprise Value: $30M

Revenue Multiple: 3.5x

Deal Summary: The two companies had been partners, delivering a complete solution together. Bid on both targets, closed simultaneously. No sell-side banker.

North America


Company: Venture-backed enterprise search solution for Sharepoint

Investor: Publicly traded strategic acquirer

Enterprise Value: $34M

Revenue Multiple: 4x

Deal Summary: RZ tracked company for three years. Rejected multiple offers from PE firms, only interested in strategic. Proprietary deal.


North America

Minority Investment

Company: AI-powered sales enablement & talent intelligence solution owned by an offshore consulting company

Investor: Growth Equity Firm

Post-Money Value: $130M

Revenue Multiple: >10x

Deal Summary: Four Co-Founders incubated a best-in-class Enterprise AI platform and sought to spin out of the parent consulting company. Recapped and successfully spun out with a minority growth investment.

North America

Search Fund Platform

Company: EdTech / GovTech digitization + records management software

Investor: Software Search Fund

Enterprise Value: $45M

Revenue Multiple: 3x

Deal Summary: Acquired two independent software companies with an investment thesis based on integrating, realizing synergies, and professionalizing management. Unbanked process with complex ownership structure.

W. Europe


Company: Spin out of test management tool from European services company

Investor: US-based PE platform company

Enterprise Value: $270M

Revenue Multiple: >10x

Deal Summary: Proprietary deal, made three bids over two year period. Ultimately acquired one of the fastest growing tools on the market. Highly strategic addition to client product portfolio.


DACH Region


Company: Majority founder-owned, GRC solutions provider

Investor: PE Portfolio company

Enterprise Value: $48M

Revenue Multiple: 10x

Deal Summary: SaaS GRC business in hot sector. Proprietary deal sourced via RZ market mapping of the space. Strong strategic fit and management team. Post-transaction, team is now leading all of GRC business inside parent company. 

North America

Acquisition - New Pillar

Company: Venture-backed data lake platform

Investor: Strategic acquirer

Enterprise Value: $70M

Revenue Multiple: 2x

Deal Summary: RZ established new product pillar for client with the acquisition. No process, but target had banker run a market check before going exclusive with our client. Closed deal 6 months after initial contact.

DACH Region

Tuck-In Acquisition

Company: Bootstrapped, founder lead API Marketplace

Investor: Strategic acquirer

Enterprise Value: $28M

Revenue Multiple: 7x

Deal Summary: RZ learned of process from sell side banker who was not aware of RZ client. Closed 45 days after initial call with founders.