We are experts who get software deals done.

Razorhorse was founded in 2012 to source software deals for a single mandate. We are a team of software M&A and investment professionals, financial analysts, and research experts who work with a network of institutional buyers across the western world.

Our process is optimized to accelerate well-informed decisions between high-quality software companies and world-class investors and acquirers. We advise a world-class network of PE growth and buyout investors who deploy over billions of dollars annually.

We have engaged with tens of thousands of software companies, worked on thousands of potential deals, and closed 100+ deals since inception.

Our team has a diverse set of professional experience, working in private equity, investment banking, corporate development and operational roles in the technology space.

For Software Companies

Why are you reaching out to me? 

We reach out to CEOs and business owners when one of our clients expresses interest in making an acquisition or investment in your company. We also reach out if we believe your company is a good fit for the profile one of our partners are targeting.


How do you get paid?

We work on retainer for strategic acquirers and private equity firms. We are paid by the buyer, our client. We do not do any sell side advisory work.


What happens to my data?

We only share your information with our client, and we only share enough information to qualify interest. Once we do, we make an introduction. We don’t sell or publish your data.

For Investment Banks & Advisors

We work closely with the C-suite and board of our clients on their M&A and investment activity as buy-side advisors. We work well with sell-side advisors. Our clients appreciate having professional deal expertise on both sides of a transaction.


We work seamlessly with sell-side advisors and augment our clients’ deal execution capabilities.


For more information, please reach out to our team.


How do you get paid?

We are paid by our client, the buyer.

For Private Equity Firms

As trusted advisors to the world’s leading software and tech-oriented private equity firms, we operate as an extension of your investment team. Our capabilities enable decision makers to focus less time on sourcing and qualification and more on due diligence, strategy, and portfolio management.


Powering origination and sourcing efforts around the world, we offer a set of tailored and specific buy-side services alongside a network of proprietary deal flow.


For more information, please reach out to one of our deal experts on our team page.


How do I join the network?
Contact us to discuss.


What do you mean by network effects?
When we look for a deal for one partner, we often find deals that fit better for other partners. Our partners have benefited from network effects regularly, while conflicts are exceedingly rare. We take great care to ensure our partner’s mandates avoid most overlap.


How do you get paid?
Our partners pay us for origination services. Sellers never pay us. Intermediaries do not pay us, and we do not sell subscriptions to data.