We are a customer of our own service

Razorhorse was founded in 2012 to source software deals for a single mandate, and was based on the founder’s previous experience in venture capital and private equity where he was a deal principal and built origination systems and teams.

In our first year of operations, we sourced and executed four software acquisitions for our anchor client. With this early success, friends of the founder who were also software acquirers and investors, began to show interest in our specialized capabilities. We added our second client in 2013, and gradually grew our network of complementary mandates.

Over the years, we have engaged with tens of thousands of software companies, worked on thousands of potential deals, and hundreds of live deals, closing 50+ deals since inception. We are expert buyers, working with expert buyers to enhance volume and quality of deal flow, and accelerate the pace of analysis.

In 2018, we formed a separate entity called Arcas to invest our own capital in a buy, grow and hold strategy for vertical software companies.