Mission and Culture

RZ VP versus MBA

When I interviewed with Razorhorse in 2019, the CEO, Austin Scee, told me that working there would be "comparable to getting an MBA." I was skeptical, but he went to Harvard Business School, so he has some perspective on the value of a business school education. I, on the other hand, had never been to business school, and I had no intention of going...

Razorhorse at F1 ATX

In October, Razorhorse celebrated the 10th anniversary of F1 in Austin...

As we navigate coronavirus, I’m reminded of the Urubamba. ‘Authorities’ let us brave class five rapids with no experience but this didn’t mean it was safe.

Our History

I recently read Graham Weaver’s blog about why he started Alpine. Like Graham, I started my career in investment banking...

Teaching and empowering our team through the investment we are making in RazorU is what I’m most excited about at Razorhorse this year.

Snowpocalypse ATX

Maybe Snowpocalypse, and these trying times generally, will help us see each others’ humanity and unite us after years of growing political divide.