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Students sitting in a lecture hall.

In 2002, when I was new to sales, I had an opportunity to learn the true nature of sales when I was invited back to Harvard Business School (HBS) as part of an all-day sales seminar.


Secrets of WFH Success

I’ve read lots of “how to,” and “best practices” articles on WFH, but none of them capture my experience. Working from home has distinct advantages, some significant challenges, and requires...

Gig Economy

Theory of the Firm

In August I wrote about how the nature of work is changing. Firms exist when transaction costs between actors are too high to be efficiently directed by market forces. The gig economy has reset transaction...

Gig Economy

Gig Economy

The nature of work is changing rapidly. Everyone by now has heard the term “gig economy,” but few understand what it really means. The contract between people, and between firms is changing...