Telluride Offsite

As a virtual company, Razorhorse Capital has become efficient in working together on Zoom calls …

Razorhorse at F1 ATX

In October, Razorhorse celebrated the 10th anniversary of F1 in Austin. Over 440,000 racing fans were in attendance at the 3 day event. Razorhorse had a table in the Big Red suite overlooking Turn 1, where 12 clients and friends of the firm joined in on the excitement! Everyone enjoyed the intense races, but the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the typical conference room meeting was invaluable.

Razorhorse has discovered a wealth of insights that can help CEOs and entrepreneurs that are planning to bring their business to market for an exit or fundraise. We learned this after seeing hundreds of M&A transactions, and putting our observations into a robust structured data set.

It’s a tremendous time of growth at Razorhorse. In the last 18 months, we’ve brought …

As we navigate coronavirus, I’m reminded of the Urubamba. ‘Authorities’ let us brave class five rapids with no experience but this didn’t mean it was safe.

Our History

I recently read Graham Weaver’s blog about why he started Alpine. Like Graham, I started my career in investment banking...