Telluride Offsite

As a virtual company, Razorhorse Capital has become efficient in working together on Zoom calls and other online platforms. However, we understand that there is more to building a strong and cohesive team than just having efficient meetings and projects.

That’s why we make it a priority to get together in person several times a year for high-impact team building and learning. Our recent offsite in Telluride, Colorado, was a perfect example of how these unstructured quality times can be incredibly powerful in building relationships and strengthening our team.

During our time in Telluride, we lived together in two different houses, meeting every day to discuss structured development content. However, the most impactful moments came from the unstructured time spent together in the evenings, where we bonded over dinner at local restaurants, explored dive bars, and even cooked meals together at home.

The night we cooked at home, we had made dinner reservations at a local restaurant, but we decided to cancel them and instead prepare a family style meal together. Each team member found a role in the process, from cooking to setting the table to cleaning up afterward. It was a powerful moment, where we were all working toward a shared goal, learning from each other, and building trust.

These unstructured moments allowed us to connect on a more personal level, further strengthening our relationships and trust in each other. We learned more about each other’s personalities, hobbies, and interests, which in turn helps us understand how to work better together as a team.

When the week was over, we took advantage of the foot of snow that fell while we were in meetings. We went skiing and snowboarding together, enjoying the incredible views and the experience as a team.

We are excited to transition from preparing family style dinners together to our core business of sourcing acquisitions for our clients and helping them close deals. We look forward to our get together this summer in Toronto where more of our team will be able to join us.

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