RZ VP versus MBA

When I interviewed with Razorhorse in 2019, the CEO, Austin Scee, told me that working there would be "comparable to getting an MBA." I was skeptical, but he went to Harvard Business School, so he has some perspective on the value of a business school education. I, on the other hand, had never been to business school, and I had no intention of going...

Manufacturing Tech

The manufacturing software market is booming. The global market for manufacturing software is estimated to be $15 billion, growing at almost 13% and represents about 3% of the .total software market...

Telluride Offsite

As a virtual company, Razorhorse Capital has become efficient in working together on Zoom calls …

2021 Annual Update

2021 was a year of tremendous growth at Razorhorse. We closed 15 transactions – nearly two times higher

At Razorhorse we have a team of talented people around the world, including two team members in Ukraine.