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Razorhorse Supports Ukraine

At Razorhorse we have a team of talented people around the world, including two team members in Ukraine.

When Russia invaded their homeland, our team members’ lives were turned upside down. We’ve been supporting them as best we can, but we wanted to do more. So we decided to contribute $10,000 to Ukrainian causes.

We paid a special bonus to each of our Ukrainian team members that they are using to directly assist refugees, children, hospitals, and the volunteer soldiers in Ukraine.

Supporting Territorial Defense Squads

Part of our contribution helped to provide thermal underwear kits for territorial defense squads in Kyiv and other cities. As civilians were forced into action, they were and still are unequipped to deal with freezing temperatures. Volunteers are stationed at checkpoints to keep saboteurs out of urban centers, and are living in trenches on the front lines. Our contribution is helping keep them warm so they can defend their homeland.


Life Saving Medical Equipment

Our contribution will also purchase life saving wound therapy equipment called NPWT – Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. The military hospital in Vinnytsia (160 miles southwest of Kyiv), one of our team member’s hometown, has been inundated with casualties because it is away from the main areas of conflict. When our team asked what the hospital needed, they asked for NPWT equipment. NPWT helps provide temporary wound cover that reduces infection, saving lives and limbs.

Humanitarian Aid

Additionally, we gave $1,500 through a 2-for-1-match Benevity ran on LinkedIn. With Benevity’s match, a total of $4,500 went to causes like the UN Refugee Fund, UNICEF, and American Red Cross.

I hope that you’ll be inspired to support the citizens of Ukraine through these efforts or others. If you’d like more information on how to donate to one of the channels mentioned above, please contact us, or visit Dragon Capital’s website. Dragon Capital is Ukraine’s leading investment bank.

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