Razorhorse at F1 ATX

In October, Razorhorse celebrated the 10th anniversary of F1 in Austin. Over 440,000 racing fans were in attendance at the 3 day event. Razorhorse had a table in the Big Red suite overlooking Turn 1, where 12 clients and friends of the firm joined in on the excitement! Everyone enjoyed the intense races, but the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the typical conference room meeting was invaluable.

Business Travel 2.0

Pre-COVID, we all traveled for business regularly, but many of us only saw the airport, an Uber, a conference room and a hotel room on business trips. As the world rapidly adopted virtual meetings in 2020 and 2021, Zoom replaced conference rooms, and we all found new ways to work. We have found that virtual meetings are more effective than most in-person meetings, especially when it comes to getting work done. Instead of just talking about the work, we’re all in front of our computers actively collaborating on the work itself.

Zoom meetings are an effective way to communicate work-related ideas, but engaging with our colleagues and clients on a more human level is even better. As we all begin to travel again, Razorhorse is focused on maximizing in-person meetings by taking time to enjoy each others’ company.  Events like F1 provide a relaxed, fun, social atmosphere where we can truly unwind and connect.  Networking seems to happen organically when you’re enjoying yourself.

Replacing the Office Experience

Since Razorhorse is a virtual business with teammates all over the globe, events like F1 aren’t just for the clients! Joining together as a team provides the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level and build lasting bonds.  We are actively recruiting and hiring new members into our Business Development team, and we’re excited to plan next year’s events for this growing team.

The F1 Experience

Each of us who attended the F1 event will remember the experience for years to come. Looking forward to 2023, we’re thrilled to invite our existing and new clients to more of these incredible events.

On Friday, Jamie Hunter of Intelerad, Walter Leicher of Crownpeak, and Keith Tice of Revalize joined us in the Big Red suite overlooking the infamous Turn 1. Walter and Keith are avid F1 fans. Jamie is an avid fan of having a good time wherever she is.

On Saturday, Daniel Kim, Casey Conner and his wife Kim, and Walter Leicher joined our team. We learned Daniel Kim is a black belt, concert pianist, gourmet cook in addition to being an investor. Dos Equis should make him the new ‘most interesting man in the world’ in their ad campaign. We also learned that Casey will be driving the COTA course this year as part of an AMG package.

On Sunday, Ryan Lund, Bart Macdonald and Walter Leicher joined us for the big race. Ryan is an avid race fan, and is a member of a new type of ‘country club’ in Tampa based on racing instead of golf and tennis. Bart had to put his sports car in storage when he moved from Arizona to Brooklyn. Walter may be the biggest F1 we know.

Miles McCarthy, Ryan Habert, Raphael Culioli and I were on hand from the Razorhorse team, as well as my wife, Lee. 

Joining us from my not-for profit, PowerUP,  were Connor Cook and his girlfriend, Haley Bause. Connor is an avid F1 fan, and so is Haley. The event was a great opportunity for Connor to meet the Razorhorse team, and vice versa.

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