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Deal Making: Redefining the Apprenticeship Model

Teaching and empowering our team through the investment we are making in RazorU is what I’m most excited about at Razorhorse this year. The sales capabilities, and the private equity and M&A skills in our space are highly specialized. Typically, the only way to learn them has been in an apprentice-based model. Being smart and working hard isn’t necessarily enough in an apprentice model. You also need to work with the right master. We are changing the paradigm at Razorhorse through a combination of e-learning content, case discussions, and at bats in the field.

We are transitioning from an apprentice model to a professional model.

RazorU Levels the Playing Field

If you are smart, hard-working, and a good person to work with, we don’t believe you should have to rely on luck to be successful in our industry, and we place no value on academic credentials. You shouldn’t have to be a white, conservative, Ivy League-educated man to be successful in our business (said the white, cisgender, fiscally conservative, double Ivy-educated white man).
Razorhorse cuts through all of that by taking the time to teach smart people why they need to know to be successful. I’ve always believed working at Razorhorse should be like getting an MBA. The only difference is, we pay you!

Working at Razorhorse is like being paid to get an MBA.

Largely due to this dynamic, we are able to attract smart, genuine, hard-working, collaborative people from all different backgrounds. And we’re doing it with a work from anywhere model! We’ve been completely virtual since inception. For more on our virtual model, read Secrets of WFH Success, my blog post on the Gig Economy, and The Theory of the Firm.

Paying it Forward 

As I mentor and teach our team at Razorhorse, we’ve also built a not-for-profit business called PowerUP where we are building a scalable mentorship model for low-income, disadvantaged and at-risk kids.

Life Hacks for Disadvantaged Kids

My son benefits from the work we do at PowerUP. As we crystalize the core elements of success in life – self-control, resilience and respect – he’s getting the master class from me every day. He calls our program the “cheat code” for life. For non-gamers, a cheat code unlocks an unfair advantage in a video game.

PowerUP drafts off all the data and systems capabilities we’ve built at Razorhorse, and I’m proud to say some of our clients have been extremely generous, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to PowerUP.

Smart and Nice

We’ve built a team of smart, nice people at Razorhorse who work with smart, nice clients. We focus on coaching, teaching and mentoring at Razorhorse, and we work together to help disadvantaged kids reach their full potential through mentorship and coaching. We’ve built a virtuous cycle in our ecosystem.

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