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What We Do

We are investors and acquirers working with a network of investors and acquirers. Our strategic acquirer, PE firm, and growth equity partners outsource the top, middle, and in some cases bottom of their deal funnel to Razorhorse. We focus on software and tech-enabled companies across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Our deal experience demonstrates our breadth and flexibility – growth equity, recaps, full acquisitions, and strategic roll-ups – across key, competitive sectors.


We accelerate decisions, and provide useful feedback. We have direct access to decision makers, and intimate knowledge of their mandates.


We know software, and we are buyers, so we know what buyers care about. We know what’s important, and won’t waste your time.


We are careful stewards of sensitive information. Our success is based on confidentiality and discretion as well as competence.

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“As an entrepreneur, I took the best of what I learned in VC and PE, and created Razorhorse. The result is a best-in-class deal sourcing capability, a database that gives us an information asymmetry in the market, and a high-performance team with a magnetic culture.”

- Austin Scee, CEO Razorhorse

We have sourced 85 software acquisitions and investments for our partners.


Land and Expand Tuck-In

Company: Australian founder owned HR compliance tech-enabled business

Investor: UK-based HRTech PE Platform

Enterprise Value: $65M

Revenue Multiple: 3x

Deal Summary: Our client identified Australia as a strategic geography for expansion. Needed a sizable sub-platform with back-able team in region to buy up and integrate other assets. No banker, company not for sale.

North America

Growth Equity Investment

Company: Hyper-growth VC-backed MarTech business

Investor: Growth Equity firm

Enterprise Value: $150M

Revenue Multiple: 10x

Deal Summary: CEO was not looking for an investment, his syndicate was leaning in and ready to finance the next round if and when needed. RZ shared our client’s value add, and introduced the CEO to our client. Our client invested 30 days later.


Two Tuck-Ins

Company: Two founder owned companies in UK and Australia each with half the IP for a marketing solution to law firms

Investor: US-based LegalTech PE Platform

Enterprise Value: $30M

Revenue Multiple: 3.5x

Deal Summary: The two companies had been partners, delivering a complete solution together. Bid on both targets, closed simultaneously. No sell-side banker.

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